Saturday, June 10, 2017

The villager and the judge

The villager  and the judge

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(Translated  from a face book post. I forgot to not down who posted it. Thanks   to that Anonymous   friend)

One village   hotel  owner   was arrested   and produced,
Before   the judge as he   was having a  separate  tumbler,
For   supplying    tea     for people   of lower caste  ,
That used   to visit   his   hotel    for  tea.

The judge asked , “ Do you  practice two tumbler system,”
And he replied “Why two , I have   many tumblers in my holtel”,
Then the judge asked , “ If at the same   time   two people  ,
Of different caste  come as  clients, Do you supply  tea to them in two tumblers?”

The villager asked him , “Of course . , How can I supply  them in only one tumbler?”
The judhe got angry  and asked , “Do you give tea to lower castes  in separate  tumblers”
The village  replied, “It is my hotel, I never ask  those who do not like it to come there”
The judge   then fined   the villager   a fine for accepting his crime .

The villager  said  that , he was in need of using   the rest room urgently,
And asked  permission of the judge   to use  the  rest room allotted to the judge.
The Judge shouted at him  and told  “Of course no, we have  a separate   rest room ,
For people like you.”  And villager  asked, “Is keeping two  separate  rest room Okay?”
“Have you built  your rest room   using   your own money?  ,Is this court  ,
A part of your home or  is it that no lawyer   dares to file   a case against you?”

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