Thursday, June 29, 2017

No charity in business and no business in charity

No charity  in business  and no business  in charity

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(This pretty meaningful story was posted by my friend  Hamsabai SAnthana Krishnan  in facebook today. My thanks to her)

My mother   was sitting near  the outer  door ,
Of my house   wanting   to buy  some leafy vegetable.
And a lady   carrying  several verities  of   leafy vegetable came ,
And my mother   chose   carefully   what she wanted.

When my mother  asked the price  the lady hawker  told “Five rupees a bundle”
And my mother  asked it for three  and said to her  , if the price is three  rupees,
Give  me four bundles, but the   hawker   did not agree  and started walking away,
And after a few steps   she returned back,  and said , “Ok Madam,  four rupees.”

My mother did not agree  but at the end the hawker gave it for three ,
And when  she was r trying  to keep  the basket  on her head , the hawker fell down,
And my mother  rushed  to help  and the  when asked   why? What happened?
She told my mother, “There was no food in my  home and I am starving  from morn.”

My mother asked her to wait  and came  with a plate  of six Idlis  and Chutney,
And made  her eat them and the  thankful hawker  with   eyes  filled with tears went away,
And I asked mother, “By bargaining  you got a profit of eight rupees  and this idli costs thirty rupees?”

And My mother  told me son,”No charity  in business   and no business  in my charity.”

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