Thursday, June 22, 2017

How Krishna’s feet suffered burn injuries

How Krishna’s feet   suffered  burn injuries


(This is a very popular  story from north. My attention was drawn in to it by the post of Meena Rajan  . Thanks to her)

Lord   Krishna   and his wife  Rugmani  .
Were one day staying   in a   hut,
By the side   of river Yamuna ,
Just for a change    and also enjoy.

That night   Lord  Krishna   did not  get sleep,
And was tossing himself    most of the night   , when,
Rugmani asked   him  “what is the problem Lord?
It is unusual   for   you   to toss like this?”

The Lord replied  ,” My devotee  Radhika  ,
Who is in  the other   side   of the  Yamuna ,
Is not getting   sleep, because  she could not get,
Her  usual milk boiled with saffron, almond   and sugar.”

Rugmani immediately swung   in to action    and   got,
In to  a royal boat   with a  very hot   cup of steaming milk,
Reached  the  hut of Radhika    and   offered it to her,
And told  , “please drink this immediately    and sleep.”

RAdhika  just closed  her eyes and   drank that very , very hot milk,
And slept and Rugmani   returned back  to Lord Krishna,
And he had covered   himself   and was still  trying to sleep,
And Rugmani pulled    his   blanket   and saw  that his feet has gor burning  injuries.

Rugmani asked   her lord , “it  is   raining  outside   and you  had not,
Gone out anywhere    and how   come these  burns in your  feet?”
And he replied “ by  drinking  very hot milk  , Radhika’s   heart,
Was burnt  as  she keeps  my feet   always   in side her heart.”

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