Saturday, June 10, 2017

King and the sage

King  and the sage

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(Translated from Face book post of my friend Anantha Narayanan)

There was   a sage who used   to do penance in the forest,
And once a day he used to extend  his right palm  ,
And if any thing  is placed   in it he would swallow it  ,
And people   round the forest  , used to  daily feed him.

One day   the king of a nearby  kingdom came    for hunting to the forest ,
And at that time   the sage  happened   to extend   his hand ,
And the king   filled his  extended palm     with  horseshit,
And the sage   simply swallowed it    and king and king’s men had  a hearty laugh

Next day   the revered   Guru of the king   came to his court,
And he chided  the king   for what he    did and told him,
“A mountain of horse   shit   is waiting   your arrival  in hell,
And till  you swallow all of them , they would torture you   for the silly thing  you dd.”

The king  repented    a lot    and vacated   his great palace  ,
And started  living in a g hut  , and started   feeding  every one ,
Who came there   and  meeting the expense of marriage  ,
Of all the  girls   who approached   him in the forest.

Some bad people   started    finding fault   with him,
And started   telling  that  his intention   of getting  ,
The girls to g his hut  are not good and all  the feeding,
He did was not done   by using his money but   that of the country.

After a lot of days , one blind man and his virtuous  wife,
Came bear the hunt   and the lady stood for a minute   to salute  the king,
And the blind husband asked , “Where    are we standing?’
And she replied  “In front of the hut of the  king who helps every one,

The blindman laughed   , “Is he that   king   who   gets girls   to his hut with bad  intention?”
And the lady old . “You know    that due to my virtue   I can see   everything ,
That happens everwhere. Every time   a  person  without basis   finds fault with him,
One hand full of horse shit  would  be removed     from the   mountain,
And today  only one hand full was left   and it is now reserved   for you.”

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