Friday, June 2, 2017


I read this very meaningful poem  written by  Kaviko(king of poems) in the post  of Sri Tiruppur  Kumaran.  .Kaviko is no more . Oh God let him rest in peace,


Kaviko  Abdul  REhman
(From his  poetry collection called Alapanai)

Translated  by

Hey you ,  who thinks that    you want to give,
Who are   you to give?
Does not all that  you have  to give,
Given to you earlier?
All that   has been given to you,
Was given . only  to you.
You are not giving .
But it is being given through you.
You are  only an instrument   used for giving,
The  flute  does not give out music,
It is but an instrument.
See the nature,
It does  not give ,
After   wanting to   give,
The man who needs  things,
Takes them  from it.
Do not forget  ,
That   you are   also a part of nature,
Do not ever think ,
That money  is the only thing  that can be given.

Even your words  ,
Can quench    the thirst of some one .
Even your smile can light a lamp in someone’s mind.
Give silently like a flower,
Give without bias  like a lamp,
Let whatever   you have,
Remain like   water in the river,
A thirsty man does  not ask,
Permission from water  to drink it,
Give  with neatness,
And you would get  pleasant life,                
Give   it so that  it    would  justify your existence

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