Monday, May 29, 2017

Avyaja Karuna Muthi

Avyaja  Karuna Muthi
(The  one who is kind for no reason at all)


(Avyaja Karuna Murthi is  one of the names of Ambal   in Lalitha SAhasranam. I got it from  a Whatsapp message  .My thanks to whosoever wrote it.)

A small family   with mother , father , elder sister and a baby
Were living  in a small  city and  once the   father on his salary  day ,
Brought  sweets  from the sweet shop  and  when the baby  ,
Rushed  to see  him  and gave hera Jilebi  because  the baby loved  it.

And just   for  the sake  of fun, the d father requested the baby,
The JIlebi   she   was   having   in her hand  and the baby.
Tightly  and refused   to f give it to him, and he said to her,
‘Do I not give you dolls  and dress?”  and she still refused to give.

Then mother  came out of the house with great confidence,
That  she   will give it to her   and the baby   simply refused,
Then mother told  “Do I not give everything to you  , dress you.
AS also  give you bath and milk “but the  baby  still refused.

Then her elder   suister  came near  fondled her and asked for it,
But the baby did not even  consider  her request  and said “no”.
And then the  sister of   the baby  told, :” i am daily  taking you tothe park,
And also  look after you when mother  is not there, And baby said “no”.

At that  time the maid servant  along with her baby came there,
The maid was hiding behind the Sari  of  her mother,
The baby  pulled out    the baby   of the  maod,
And gave   her the Jileby   with a great   smile.

The mothe Goddess is also very much similar  to the baby,
And she gives everything   the devotee wants  without his asking ,
Or  the devotee   telling any reason   , why it should  be given to him.

And that  is  because  she is Avyaja Karuna Mothi  , The kind one  who gives for no reason it all.

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