Friday, February 9, 2018

A student in search Of God

A student   in search   Of God


(Not at all  mine but  combination by me  of two  or three   stories   about  search for God  that I have heard. Please try  to search for god.) 

One  gentleman    wanted    to see God   and stared searching for Him,
He   first   went   and  met a  Famous  Guru   and asked   him,
“Can you please   take   me   as your   disciple  and teach me?”
The Guru   said  “Okay  let me  see   whether  you pass  my test “

The Guru then asked   the student  “There  is a pretty pond  nearby,
Go there  , see  it  and then   come back  and tell me  what you   saw”
The student obediently    went, saw  the pond   and came   back,
And told the Guru, “Sir  , I saw  myself   very clearly  in the pond”

The Guru said  , “ So  you are  not matured  anough  to study with me,
Go once more   and  again  see the pond    really  well and  come back .”
The student went once  more  , saw the pond   and returned ,
And said  .”It was pretty   for I saw pretty   fishes   swimming in the pond”

The Guru   said, “Good, you  have  improved for  you have learnt ,
Not to see   yourself   wherever   you go “ and then he   sent him  ,
To  learn  further    from his own guru  and the student went  there,
And the Guru  wanted   to  test  him further  about his suitability.

That Guru then gave  him   a   luscious   apple   and told him,
“Please   go and eat   this apple   in a  place  where no one is there.”
The student went  to a nearby  forest  where  no one  was there,
Ate  that  apple   and came back   and told the guru “Apple   was tastey.”

That Guru then said “Possibly   you have  not   searched  properly ,
I will give you another  apple   to be eaten in a  place  where no one is there,”
And the student   went  to the forest  and thought  how  his father  had told him,
That  God   is everywhere and so he returned  back   and  returned  that apple to him.

He told the Guru, “ Though  I did not   see   him     anywhere  , i knew ,
That  God was   everywhere and   so  I could  not eat the apple  .”
The Guru said so   you have learnt  not to see   yourself  everywhere,
And you have   also learnt   that a God whom you  have not seen is everywhere.

The Guru , then sent   the   student   to his  own Guru  in the forest,
Dutifully   the student   went   to that Guru  and   asked  him,
“Sir, I   want    to see  God    who is   everywhere “  and the Guru laughed,
And told him “You cannot   see him til the “I” in your mind   disappears.

The Student asked “What   should  I do  ?”, and the Guru    said ,
“Loose that I in the question , either  chanting  God’s name ,
And realising  that  you are not there  or  Do  yogic  excercise ,
And concentrate on yourself  and realizing  that  you are not there.”

“You could also search  and  identify   everything  in the world ,
Understand  that  it  is not god    and continue   your search.
Till you youself  identify him   as   the God whom you are  searching.”
And then the student though  not very clear   decided  to seach.

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