Thursday, February 1, 2018

Old is handy and real gold

Old is handy and real gold


(Based on the tamil write up  சின்னச்சின்ன  by Swaminathan Ramasubramanian )

We may   be  extremely  ultra modern ,
But when  we want to carry   food to our relations,
When they are admitted in hospital,
WE always take it in the  orange  colour ,
Wire bag    which   lies unused  in  our house .

WE may   have  the most  sophisticated car,
In our   garage   but , when urgently  .,
WE need to buy , half a kg  of Tomato,
We either walk or take a    two wheeler.

Though the bureau  of  women   are  ,
Filled with Silk Saris  costing thousands of rupees,
At home most   of the time   they prefer ,
To wear a two hundred rupees Sari or  a nighty

Even though gents have   costly suits  , pants,
And ties  , filled up in their wardrobe  ,
At home they prefer   to wear a dhothi,
Lungi, Pajama  or shorts  , for being  comfy.

Though we    are all extremely proud,
To live in the modern  digital world ,
When some one dictates  their address over phone,
WE only write it on back of used envelope.

Though  we   go for a  party in  a  five star hotel,
And take   a ten course meal   with several dishes,
We feel  comfortable    only   after   we return home,
And take   our   usual buttermilk and rice.

Though we have purchased   the , most costly  ,
Imported Turkey towel which are indeed pretty ,
For drying  ourselves after  a bath  ,
We prefer   the  kasi towel or Kerala  Thorthu

Though we have  stacked our homes  with ,
Costly mops,  , Tissue paper   and dry tissues ,
When some liquid   spills   on our floor,
WE prefer  to use  the torn cloth   hanging in the kitchen.

Though  nowadays we go   for  pleasure trips,
To  Europe, USA   and the far eastern countries,
We feel    homely  and very pleased ,
Only when we reach  back our usual home town.

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