Thursday, February 15, 2018

No good words then and no food now

No good words then  and no food  now


(After  reading a tamil  poem on this   subject.Thanks  author of poem)

When  you   brought  hot degree  coffee ,
I used to shout   at you , “How many times,
I need to tell  you , less sugar, please....”

When you prepare  your master piece ,
The great Sambar with great expertise,
I used to shout “More salt please...”

When you   gave me soft   idlis , with ,
Steam   coming out of it  with Chutney,
I used to shout “So hard , can you not make it harder”

When You used   to offer  me crispy  and tastey,
Dosas with the taste  of heaven  come down,
I used to shout”You know, I have to break to eat  it”

But    darling   after  you have  gone   away from me,
Without   any anger  whatsoever, There  is no one,
Who cares   whether  I  am hungry or not

Darling mine, I would soon   come to heaven,
And never   shout   at you  any more  ,
Even if    you offer me salt less stone and mud.

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