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The impoosible liar –her Lord Krishna

The  impoosible  liar –her Lord Krishna
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(I saw   the original  of this write up in Tamil   as posted by  Dr.Saroja  Ramanujam (ஏலாப்பொய்கள் உரைப்பான்) .  I was   simply   attracted    and   wanted it to  reach others who know   only english  .But  the grandeur of  her writing   simply could not be translated  . So I   modified it in my own way    and rewrote it  .It is not as great as the tamil   article that  I read  but I am sure  will make you yearn  for reading it in original  I hope  Madam Ramanujam    would translate  it   , so that  you can understand   the real great write up)
Lord  Krishna one day   came   to a pretty garden,
Where  he saw a little  girl   writing   a poem  about  him,
In  all seriousness  , She   was writing   with her  eyes  closed,
“He used to tell  impossible    lies, that lord   who was  ,
The incarnation   of   the   great  Lord Vishnu  “
Lord Krishna patted   her   with his  sweet flute ,
And asked  her“When have  I ever   told a lie , little girl?”
That girl started   shouting and jumping  in glee ,
“This  itself is a lie  , had you not   stolen butter ,
And had   you not told  your mother , that  you did not?”
That  one with a mischievous   smile   told   her  ,
“Oh little  girl,   this entire    world   is mine,
How can me  taking  my own thing   be  a theft?”
Then she asked, “ when you were  stealing butter,
Did you not tell   the Gopi   that  you were searching for a calf?”
With his   eyes gleaming   with   untruth  and  fun,
He told  “ Do you know lying on a banyan leaf  ,
And floating on the   waters   of the deluge  ,
I kept   the entire  world  in my belly,
And is it  difficult  for me to keep a  calf in a pot?”
He saw that she   was frowning at him  and asked,
“Did you not eat mud and tell a  lie   to your mother?”
And the cherub asked, “Did my mother  see mud in my mouth?’
I thought  she saw  the universe  in my mouth.”
That girl said , “Then why did the saint Leelasukha  say,
That she saw  butter,  milk    and curd   in your mouth.”
Krishna laughed   out loud  and said, “Was he not a poet,
With licence  to exaggerate,   to him Kailsa   was butter ,
Planet earth was mud and  ocean of milk was milk.”
She  feigned   anger at him   and told   him,
“But you are a  cheat, we loved you and you troubled us.”
He  said, “That was cruel , Is it proper    for  you tell  like that,
After  enjoying    with me   in the rasa  dance , we danced?’
She retoted  “After   how much trouble , you   would ask us,
To come on a full  moon night   and and when we   come ,
After   telling  so many lies , you would simply send us back!”
“Oh that”  Krishna continued , “That  was just to tease  ,
As well  as test you” , “Oh “ she  shouted “You simply,
Disappeared   and  made us all  sad   and weeping”
Krishna   laughed   and laughed,”I wanted  to make ,
Your love to me strong  and remove egoism   from you.”
He continued “ How can I leave  you  , Am I not  always with you?”
She  then uncontrollably wept , “Oh that  is why perhaps ,
I called you a liar, You went away   to Mathura  leaving ,
Us all there  and  in that forest , we all  sat  benumbed”

He said , “Oh dear  , How can I go away , I am always with you.”

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