Friday, February 2, 2018

Old mother’s day out with son

Old mother’s day  out with son


(Based on a tamil narration posted by Sri Venkat Srinivasan in face book. I wrote it with my face made wet by own tears. Thank you Venkat)

  Once  my wife called  over phone and toldme,
“A lady known to me  would like   to spend ,
This evening  in your company  and I know  ,
That she  loves   you much more than me.”

Later  she told me   it was my mother  ,
Whom I have  made to live in a separate house ,
Because I thought   that my wife   was working too much ,
In looking after  me and our three  kids.

I called   my mother  over phone  and said hello,
And  she became greatly worried    and asked   me  ,
Whether   everything  is okay with me  and I said,
“Yes,  my wife wants me  to take you out   today.”

I went  to her home   and she was ready , waiting for me,
Dressed  in an old Sari which my father   had purchased  for her,
About nineteen years back and I took her   to a small hotel,
Which we used to go    when my father    was alive.

She told me   that  she was thrilled   with great joy,
And had told all her friends   that  “I am going  out,
Today with my son  and am going to  spend   the evening .
With him and they   all were  happy   and wished her  all the best.

When entered  the restaurant  , she caught  my hand  just like a mother,
And then I gave   her the  menu card    and asked   her   to tell me  her choice,
Her face glowed and she read   the items  one by one   and told me to select ,
And also told me   , when I was kid she    always    used   to that.

While eating she appreciated me and my wife and children,
And one by one   enquired    about their welfare   and mentioned,
Correctly    all our likes   and dislikes   and due to this,
WE were little   late   to go to   the Cinema Hall  .

At night   when I left her home   , she hugged me like a mother,
And told me how much she    enjoyed   the day   and she told me.
“Within a few days  I would call    both of you    to spend time with me  ,
But at that   time all   the expenses    will  be met by me.”

When I went back, I thanked my wife   and told her  in deatail ,
About everything   and a   few days later  I got   information  ,
That my mother  was no more and after   the usual rituals,
Next day  I got a  letter    from my mother with a pre paid voucher.

When you left   , I know   I will not last long   , but  I wanted ,
To be  with you me and your wife for one evening ,
Please go to the same reastaurent    and order  food for three ,
And along with  you I would be there  at the table.

I am enclosing  a pre paid voucher  from the hotel   for  food  ,
For three people and some money for   three  cinema tickets ,
Though  you may  not see  me  , I would eat   with you  ,
Talk with  t you and enjoy the picture  , all at my expense.

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