Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Satiating the hunger of the poor is real gift to God

Satiating the hunger  of the  poor is  real  gift   to God
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(I saw the original  in tamil posted by Sri. Dinakar Raj.What a lofty idea ? Thank you my friend)
There    was a rich farmer  in  a  great village,
Near   a  great   temple  town   and .
That farmer always  used to send,
The first   harvest  of every crop  to that  great temple.
Once  his first crop  of  banana plant  ,
Yielded   a bunch of   two thousand fruits ,
And the farmer   sent   it to the temple  ,
Through  a servant  of   his
That night  the lord came  in his dream,
And told him, “Very many thanks  to you,
I got the one banana fruit   sent by you ,
And the farmer became livid  with anger
Next day   he sent for the servant  who took,
The banana  bunch   to the temple  and asked him,
“Did you   deliver   the  entire bunch to the  temple as instructed,”
And the  servant told “yes sir” and then farmer  started beating him.
Then the servant  told sobbing   as well as crying  ,
“Sir, I saw  an old man  on the way  , who told me,
“I  have not taken food for a  few days , please”
And then I  took one fruit of the bunch and gave him.”
Then  the farmer  understood clearly   that  ,
One fruit got  by God  was  the one   given,
To the hungry man and all  other fruits ,

Did not  reach  him  at all  and he  wept.

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