Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Unarmed murder by the lord of love

Unarmed  murder  by the lord of love


(Based  on a tamil    post of Ms  Bala  Sivakumar  .Thanks  to her)

Every one says   that in  this incarnation ,
You   did not  come  carrying   any weapon.

They are   saying   since  you did not  ,
Yourself interfere  in any one’s   affairs,
Where is the  need   for  any weapon to t you,
To kill   those   Rakshasas  who came  in search of you,
When it is so , why do you  need a wepon to kill me,.

Is not your glance , which looks at me  but apppers  ,
To  be not seeing me at all sufficient    for that?

Is not the smile  that you do not know ,
Suffecient    to burn  me alive?

Is not your   sword like looks  at me,
After  you laugh at  some one else,
Suffecient   to imprison me    forever  ?

The   perfume of sandal    and musk that   you wear,
Is sufficient to tear  my heart , even if  you silently pass by?

The flute that    you keep tucked on your hips  .
Is more than sufficient to make me benumbed.

The   music that you produce   from  that flute,
Is   sufficient   to make my mind   break in to pieces.

But they say   that  you have not  come  with  any weapon.

Oh Lord  , Is any more    weapons  necessary    for you?

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