Thursday, February 8, 2018

What to offer to please God?

What   to offer   to please  God?


(Based on a   tamil posting by  Renugasaravanan Subhiksha Gokulan . Thanks my friend)

One potter     was making  mud pots ,
Large number  of pots  that he had made ,
Were   stacked   near   to him   and he also,
Had tied   a goat    by the  side of his work place

A sage   came and  sat near him and the potter ,
Gave  him water to drink  in a  pot   and the   sage asked  the potter,
“Are  you  looking after this goat?”, the potter  said “No”,
And said  , “This   is a wild goat  and I am going  to sacrifice it to God .”

The sage  asked, “For what purpose?”  and  the potter sain,
“Ofcourse   to please  God.”  And then the sage   stood up,
And  broke the pot   in his hand   to pieces  , collected  all pieces,
And gave  it to the potter   and said, “I am sure  you would be pleased.”

The potter   got angry  and shouted , “It is my  pot  ,
You  broke it and  you want me   to get pleased by it.”
The sage smiled , “This  is God’s  goat   and  you will kill it,
Give it to god . Do   you think    he   will get pleased ?”

The sage   continued, “God  is the mother  and father  of this goat,
And which parent   will be happy   to se their child being killed?
Again , what does  god not have?  And yet  you are  going  ,
To kill and offer   his own  creation   to him, Do you think , he will be happy?”

The sage advised, “You  cannot see  God but you   can feel him
Using  your pure thoughts  and so daily worship him,
And offer him a flower  of your love     and I am sure,

It will please him   and he will give you  all that you want.”

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