Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The love story of our traditional marriage

The  love story  of our traditional marriage


(Based i on the post by my friend Vasu Iyengar . Thanks to him)

After  three  times   of serving  sweets and savouries,
I  nodded   yes the  fourth   groom who came to see me,
And at last   my marriage   was fixed  with a person,
Whom I   did not  know   at all, ofcourse  with my “Yes”

Suddenly   my life   changed a lot in my home,
My mother  who used   to be very critical  ,
Of each and every act of mine   , started ,
Showering tonnes and tonnes   of love.

Suddenly my younger sister    who was  ,
Having “Tom and Jerry “ relationship,
Became    extremely   close to me ,
And my father  suddenly started  buying all that I want.

With shopping   with my friends and   chatting and texting ,
With my   would be husband  without  limits , my life passed   sweetly,
My mother  and father   started   talking    with me freely,
Which included    even adult  cinema   material.

Suddenly  I came to understand  problems of my home,
And suddenly I felt    as if i    am stranger  in my own house,
My sister    slep daily   hugging   me tightly   while sleeping,
And some days  I became    wet with her   tears.

Even a day before the marriage  relations   started coming  ,
And every one seems to have lot of advices   for me  ,
Though  I too was   eager   to   become some one else’s  property,
I   did notice that    the faces  of both my parents looked  faded.

Early morning  , I had to get up   and was   handed  over,
To experts from beauty parlour  who troubled  me a lot,
And after that when I saw myself in the mirror, I looked strange,
And I burst in to tears  and my mother  hugged me and told me  not to crty.

Even before I could retort to mother  , the photographers   were busy with me.
And later when  smell of my pet dishes were  wafting everywhere , my parents,
Told me  that I should not  take   food till   my marriage    got over, and when,
I was being taken  to marriage stage  , I was very greatly  nervous.

When I sat  by the side  of my groom, he  was   shivering  in shyness ,
And my sister   and  my friends   smiled  in a very peculiar way,
Due to huge smoke  in the stage my eyes  were itching  but for fear
Of the kajal sprading  I had to keep quiet and my groom necame my husband.

I was terribly hungry but there  was unending   relatives and friends  ,
To shake my hand, wish me  and tease me  and at that time my back itched,
And when i was  struggling  my husband wanted  me to meet all his relations,
And after   all my hunger became  a paiful saga they took me to take food.

The meals   was a terriblke affair   , with all my near  and dear  deserting me,
And I being surrounded by rank strangers    every where  that I could see  ,

The time for departure came   and my fathed acted   as if he is very busy  ,
Avoided seeing me   and my mother   was stifling  her upcoming sobs  .
And when my mother in law , called  me I hugged my mother tightly
Never wanting to leave her  and I  was made to go   with tears making my face black.

And when me and He    were  alone in the car , I felt as if  I am breath less,
And I requested him to  switch off the AC and  open     the windows,
He nodded his head, and with care  and love  caught my hand  and pressed it softly ,

And then I closed  my eyes   and leaned on his shoulders   , remembering  the good old days .

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