Saturday, February 10, 2018

God Yama and his great doctor son

God  Yama   and his great   doctor son

Translated by

(I read the original in tamil by my face book  friend  Sri Padmanabhan Krishnamurthy  .Thanks to him)

The lord  of death   fell in love  with a human lady ,
And without any difficulty   they   got   married ,
When god of death    said   he was  a great rich man,
But  a  few days   after  marriage , she started troubling him.

They had a son  and god of death   loved   his  son greatly ,
But he was slowly   getting scared  of his wife   and ,
He wanted     to go away  to his land  and at that time  ,
He  told his son   who he is  and  that he wanted  his son to become  a doctor.

He told his   son ,” treat  only  those  patients   who are   seriously ill,
And when you   come to examine then  , if I am there  ,
Refuse   to treat  that  patient for   he will die   and if you,
Do not see me  , treat him for   he will  not die.

The son became a   very famous doctor , for people said ,
If he does not treat patient will doe   and if he   treats  ,
That patienr   will get cured and the son became very rich.
And once the princess   was very critically ill  and king called him,

The king told him, “If you cure her  she will be your wife ,
And you would  be the  next king  but the son saw his   father there ,
He went near  the door  and shouted “Mother   you were searching for father,

And he is very much here, God of death  ran away ,and his son became  the king

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