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Kumarapuram Seshadri ayyar

Do you know   about  this Palghat  Brahmin  who  is respectfully   remembered  by the city  of Bangalore

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Kumarapuram Seshadri ayyar (1845 -1901)   was the son of   anathakrishna iyer   and his venkatalakshmi    and was   from Kumarapuram  village  . His father was working   in Calicut   as a lawer ,But unfortunately his father died  before he was one year old .His  step brother   who was only 20 at that time looked after  him .Seshadri Ayyar after  very great struggle studied in Cocjhin, Calicut   and then completed his BA  from Presidency college  , Madras.He was working in Calicut port    as a clerk and was identified  for his brilliance and sincerity  by the dewan of mysore   who appointed him  as a judicial  secretary  in  Mysore kingdom.After  serving in various  divisions of the government   and after  completing his BL  in 1883 ,m he  was appointed as the second Dewan of Mysore and for 18 years  he worked in that  post,. His period was considered as  a golden period  in theadministration of  Mysore  .He was the man responsible for
-Intitiating  sivana samudram project   which generated power   for KOlar  Gold fields
- rebuilding   Bangalore   after  the plague  by degongesting   the roads
- Staring  construction of new localities Malleswaram and Basavangudi 
-Initiating water   works at  Hessarghata lake for water   supply  to Bangalore city
-Commissioning the glass  house  ar lalbaugh

     After   his death ,his  residence  Kumara Kripa was  converted  in to the state  guest house   and  the grateful  state  of Karnataka  named one of the  cities  new extensions as  SEshadripuram  and named  the state  central library  after  him and  erected  a statue  of him in  cubbon park  front of the library building,. There is also a  SEshadri road  

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