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Trayambakesawar temple

Trayambakesawar temple 

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      This is one  of the important   temple among  the  Dwadasa  Jyothir  lingas of India .Adhi Sankara   wrote  about existence of 12  jyothir  lingas  :-

Sourashtre Somanadham, cha Sri Shaile Mallikarjunam,
Ujjayinyam Maha Kalam, Omkaram, amaleshwaram,
Paralyam Vaidyanatham, cha Dakinyam Bhimasankaram,
Sethubandhe thu Ramesam, Nagesam thu Darukavane,
Varanasyam thu Viswesam, Trayambakam Gouthami thate,
Himalaye thu Kedaram, Ghushmesam cha Shivalaye,
Ethani Jyothirlingani sayam pratha paden nara,
Saptha janma krutham papam smaranena vinasyathi.

The twelve Lingas of light are,
Somanatha in Sourashtra,
Mallikarjuna in Sri Shailam,
Mahakala in Ujjain,
Omkaram in Amaleshwara,
Vaidhyanatha in Parali,
Bhimasankara in South,
Rameshwara near the bridge in Sethu,
Nageswara in Daruka forest,
Visweswara in Varnasi,
Trayambakeshwara in the shores of Godavari,
Kedareshwara in Himalayas,
And Ghushmesha in Sivalaya.
He who remembers them ,
Morning and evening,
Would wash away sins ,
Committed in his seven births.

        Among them   is  Trayambakeswara  temple  near Nasik. Adhi SAnkara   wrote    about this  Jyothir linga   as follows”:-
Sahyadri seershe vimale vasantham,
Godavari theera pavithra dese,
Yad darsanal pathakamasu nasam,
Prayathi tham Traimbaka meesa meede. 8

I meditate on the lord of Trayambaka,
Who lives on the peak of western ghats,
In the holy shores of river Godavari,
And who destroys all sins,
Of his devotees who see him.

Tryambakeshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines situated 30 km from Nasik in Maharashtra. Considered to be the birth place of the river Godavari, the shrine's beauty is still well intact .A small Shivalingam or Tryambaka(three faced one) , is placed amidst a spacious courtyard & the sanctum which is crowned with a graceful tower, a giant amalaka(goose berry) and a golden kalasha. The Shivalingam is situated in a depression on the floor of the sanctum. Continuous flow of water from the top of the Shivalingam adds to the mystic beauty. Shivalingam is generally covered with a silver mask which is then substituted with a golden mask with five faces on festive occasions. These faces have their respective golden crowns. While, the silver mask is similar to the processional images seen in South Indian temples.   The God  in this is a fusion of the TRimurthis with Lord Shiva   dominating them. Out of the top of the fused  Linga   water is always seen flowing.Since it  is difficult to see   it from outside  , a mirror is  kept   above the Linga  , so that  all  of can see   the water flowing  out of the top.

   The  river Godavari  starts   from a spot on the top of the  Brahma giri mountain There is a story saying that it is  another  Ganges  river .It seems   Sage Gautama   had an Ashram in this area  and even when there   was a  huge famine   in the area  God Varuna  pleased with  the sage saved  this area from the famine.It seems he used to sow rice in the morning and harvest  it in the afternoon and daily evening distribute   the grains harvested   to the needy, One day a cow came and grazed his field and the enraged Gauthama threw a Durba grass at the cow anfd killed it. Since the cow  really   was a friend of Goddess parvathi  , she cursed him  and Gauthama  became friendless .When he realized that  bathing in Ganges was the only alternatrive  , he  consecrated  Lord Shiva there   and prayed him and the Lord  made Ganges flw over the hill (brahma giri)  ,Because of this the saint was absolved  of the sin of killing a cow.,

Timings of the temple
 The temple is open from 6 am to 9  Pm  and  the main pooja that is performed every time is Rudra  Abhishek

Location of the temple
Traimbakeswar  temple is located  in Trayambakeswar   village (built by  Nana Saheb Peshwa about 500 years back) which  is on the Brahmagiri mountains  which is 18 km from Nasik town ,.There is   also  a road from Igatpuri .The distance   to this temple from, various places   are
Reaching Trimbakeshwar
193 km
240 km
694 km
28 km
37 km
49 km
67 km
99 km
108 km
114 km

Special poojas

   The following special poojas    are performed at this temple

1,Kala  Sarpa pooja   for removing Kala Sarpa dosh
2.Narayan Nag Bali for fulfilment of our desires
3.Pithru dosh nivaran pooja
4.Rudra   Abjishel
5.Maha  Mrutyunjaya  ja[p
6.Nava Graha  Santhi

 Athorised Guruji for All Puja's in Trimbakeshwar Temple

Address: House No 12, Near Shriram Temple, Panchali, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik - 422212
Phone: +(91)-02594-233063
Mobile: +(91)-9011 64 64 63

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