Tuesday, February 6, 2018

You treat your wife as a partner in life

        You treat   your wife  as a  partner  in life


(I read a tamil write up   about this in  face book  .My thanks   are  to the original   author)

You should  love her ,never  ever wound her mind  ,
You should  never get angry, never find fault with her  cooking
 You should never  chide before other and always  defend  her,
You should go along with her  to  important   functions .

You should consult  her  and patiently   hear  what she has to tell,
You should respect  her opinion and appreciate  her  often,
At least once in a week , you should both   talk  openly  with each other ,
You should never forget  to take her out  atleast  once in a  month

Once in a year    there  should be a   family  outing,
You should  not hide  anything from  and always believe  her  ,
You should never  appreciate  another  lady before her,
To both of you each other  should be more pretty   than any one else

Suppose   she is sick, you should nurse  her  and look after  the kids,
AS a routine , if you  are  free , do  share  with her  the  jobs of the home,
Like   cooking , looking after   children   and loking after  elders of the family,
You should  take  food in time  and inform her  in advance  if there is a guest.

Wherever  you go you should  keep your   wife  informed   and  return in time,
You should remember her birthday and your anniversary  and give presents  to her,
You should  never keep on finding fault   with her family   and never be a slave to bad habits .
You should make her manager of your finances  and  give her pocket money

You should  always keep her  informed   about   your investments  ,
Share   with her the  job of  managing   finances  , tell  her your future plans .
Write  always a will   after  discussion    with her  , alad lastly,

You should  always   remember   that  you are one soul in two bodies  

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