Saturday, February 3, 2018

Faith works miracles

Faith  works  miracles


(None of them my original stories)

Story 1
Once Lord Krishna  ordered Rugmani  to carry  food to a sage,
Who was on the  other side of Yamuna and when  she asked,
“How would I cross   the river?” ,   and he replied, ”Tell that river,
“A person  who has never touched a lady  asked  you to give way to me.”

Wondering   how, she went near  the river  and told it  as instructed,
And the river   gave way to her and then she reached  the other shore ,
She fed the sage a great feast  and asked him , “Oh sage, how do I cross back?”
And he said, “Tell the river   the sage who never  touches food  asked you  to give way.”

And she did and the  river gave way and she  reached  the  other shore,
Went to her lord and asked him , “Does  this river  obey only  liars?,
It believed  you who has more than ten thousand wives , never touched one,
And it believed   that a sage who ate sumptuous feast never touches food.”

Lord Krishna    smilingly said  , “No my dear  , we both  are not liars,
WE both have  firm faith   that  we   are  not  the  body but  the athma  within us,
Which can never   touch  anything   whatsoever   and 
Which can never   eat anything   whatsoever “

Story 2
May be you are  laughing   on reading this heartily,
And saying  bosh   and nonsense , how can this be .
It is not nonsense   at all , and I would tell you  why?
Once  Ramu was driven by his  doctor friend to his home

Ramu  felt  great pain in his chest  and sweated   all over,
And in a  voice  choking  with pain , he said this to his friend.
Who said  to him   “Do not bother, Chew this tablet   till you  reach home”
And he did and was   completly   cured  of all his symptoms.

When they reached   their home , the  doctor friend  said to him,
“I forgot   my medical bag”  and Ramu  took out that   tablet  ,
And saw it was just a shirt button  and he asked his friend,
“How come?”  and the doctor replied “Due to your  rock like faith in me .”

Story 3

An ordinary   sage  entered  a huge  city , knowing  that he can,
Never  perform any  miracle whatsoever , but  a  very sick man,
A dumb man and a blind person approached   him feeling that he can cure them.
He told them “Do you believe i can  ”, and they said “Yes” .

Then he told them “If you   have rock like   faith   and believe .
That I can cure you , your faith in me would   cure you ,
Though I know  that I am another  ordinary person like you.”
They said “Yes “ and they were all  cured  by their faith.

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