Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tell father that you love him before it is too late

Tell  father  that you  love him  before it is too late


(Based  on the slide show in Tamil   of Na.Prasannan, Trichy .Thanks to him.May God bless him)

Mother  would show   her affection in various ways,
But  with a press  of oour Hand   father would show it
I have heard my mother  praising me   several times,
But father’s praise   I have heard  it only from others

Howevermuch mother  bombards  me , it never registered,
But a simple  , single frown from father would make  me break in to pieces,
I know the greatness  of mymother  by her  cooking   and care ,
But I came to know  my father’s greatness   only    from others,

 Some one said  because god cannot come himself , he sent mothers,
But possibly because he cannot give when we ask, he  has sent fathers,

Mother  has carried me within her  and  then on her hips ,
But  it is my father  who made  me walk on my own legs,
My mother   would   cry   when something happens to me,
But  the tombed   sorrow  of father, can only be felt not seen.,

My father   who used to get upset   even if my feet  knocks  on a rock,
Is some how lying   now without any emotion in spite of my sobbing,
And inspite  of all   consolations     I am not able  to understand ,
How my father  can  leave me forever  , alone  , uncared  and sad.

When some   friends ask me  are you  mother’s pet  or father’s pet,
I used to say  proudly  , ofcourse  I am my   mother’s pet,
And now only   after  he has   shut  his  eyes  I understand  ,
That I am the pet of  mother   who herself    was father’s   pet.

Ofcourse  there  are many friends    and umpteen relations,
But can any of them   be   able to be  my father , my father,
He has never adviced me  , he has never chided me, he has never said no,
But  some how  the love of gentleman with closed eyes  controlled me.

He has never   shown  that   he loved   me  and nor I have,
Shown that  I k loved him  , but today   when my tears  show,
How I loved him,   there  is no one to   wipe it away  and so,

Please  tell father  that  you love him immediately  , for he may not be there tomorrow

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