Thursday, February 8, 2018

I lived with a smiling golden angel called Gold(Thangam) writes Meera

I lived  with a smiling  golden angel called Gold(Thangam)  writes  Meera


(This is based on  a very striking   sketch  of her  Patti   by my daughter Meera  . It was   simply great   but  I wanted  to rewrite it  in my own fashion , as if she has  written it  and so I borrowed  words   and ideas   from her write up and wrote .Thanks  my daughter)

Meera  wrote:-

Some one   asked   me   one day  ,
Do you believe   in angels  “
I smiled   and   told   her  , “ofcourse,
I  have  lived with one angel in my life.

That angel   had   white  hair  and wrinkled face  ,
She walked  slowly , I have never  seen her flying,
Her laugh was  gentle  with a  twinkling of  her eyes,
She could not give boons but she fulfilled  all my little  wishes.

She was  my grand ma  , my mother’s   mother and ,
That angel  believed  women should  walk one step  ,
Behind her man  and she being brought  up in confines,
Of her  cosy nook, believed   that  he knew  and she did not

Almost   all her life   , she   was not   without him  ,
Like a  shadow   she   followed her   great  man,
But  she  indeed  had  her  little wants  , which,
Were more to give  to   each  and every one she loved.

She wanted   to give  and please  do  not think ,
It was  in  millions , it could   be a   knick knack,
It could  be   great   dish she   cooked  , in which,
The recipe   was her  sweet attention   and sweet self.

That angel was  partial    to   all her children,
Her children’s   children and children of all  hues.
She would   talk   with them with her own lisping smile  ,
And they would  cuddle her  , as both of them were pure  angels.

Her   ability   to accept  anything  and any body  was a miracle ,
And her  open  smile   was   the magic wand    she  used to wave,
And in my small  little life  , I have   never  seen   anyone  ,
Who did not  like her   or  like her  magic wand-her smile.

I do not know   whether  angels   use scent  but my angel,
Even without   using any scent  was   filled   with a  sweet  smell,
The sweet  smell  of LIril   soap which she always   used,
And I wonder why  , whatever soap  I use , I am never like her.

Whenever  I   am out of moods  , I think of her  ,
Who perhaps  was  never  , never  out of moods ,
Never   without  her trademark   glowing smile ,
And never   without her affectionate glance which was an ocean of love.

Possibly    God   had lent   that   angel    to all of us  ,
And feeling bored  one day  , recalled  her back to heaven,
But  no god   can take away   her  affection , her care ,
Her smile  and her  spirit   which  are all   there  with us  for ever .

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