Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Truth Takes you near God

Truth Takes you  near  God


(Read it in face book.Supposed  to be from   the talk  of the great THiru muruga  Krupananda  Variar swamigal .He is well known to  his ability to tell great ideas  in simple words)

One sage  went  to a new town,
That   sage    had a  very great problem,
Because  he would take   meals  ,
Only in a  house where truth is spoken,

He    asked  the people   of the town ,
To show him a  man   who always spoke truth,
And they said that Ramu   a;lways  spoke truth,
And the sage  went to Ramu’s home.

Ramu welcomed    the sage in a hospitable way,
He fell at the sages feet, welcomed him,
And invited  him   for  food  but sage said,
“I would like  to know  more about you before that.”

He asked  Ramu, “How much wealth   are you having?”
Ramu said , “eighty thousand rupees   only.”
Saint  asked  Ramu, “How many  children do you have?’
He said , “Only one” and the  sage asked “how old  are you?”

Ramu said , “three years and   nine  months   only” and invited  sage for meals
The sage got   very angry and said, “ You are a liar and so I will not take your food.”
Ramu said ,. “ I never tell a  lie   and showed   his account book,
And there  it was   clearly written , he had  ten lac rupees.”

The sage shouted him , “Liar”  and Ramu said, “No sir , not at all”
“Out of the amount , I have spend  only  eighty  thousand in charities,
And I consider   that  only   the  money    spent  in charities  is mine,
For it would  be with me  now and also after  I die.”

The sage  said  “I would like   to see   your  son  “ and Ramu said,
“Four sons  were  born to me , but  I do have   only one son and ,
I will show him “ and then he  called “Hey  Nataraja  cpme here”
And they heard  a voice “I am bisy playing  cards and so I cannot come”

He  then called “Krishnaa”  and some  one   shouted “Fool keep quietr”
He then  called  “Govindaa” and one boy came out and threw a stone at him,
He then called  “HeyRamaswami”   and one boy came    and asked him,
Softy, “What can I do father?”  and Ramu said . “He is my son, others are not”

The sage asked “What  about your age?. You cannot  prove   that.”
Ramu said”Sir, I daily   spend only one and half hours  for praying God,
And the rest  on very many useless  things  and I  am sixty  five years now.
Till my fifth year I did  not pray God and so i have lived 3 years 9 months only.”

The sage   understood that  Ramu was a teller  of truth only ,
Because  he considered   what he gave as wealth ,
He considered  the   son who obeyed  him as his son,
And tome spent in service  of God as his sage  and took meals in his home.

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