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A loving Mother’s tips to her son after marriage

A loving Mother’s  tips   to her son  after marriage


(I got the idea of writing  this  in the form of a poem after reading a Tamil Write up   about  the advice that every mother   should give it to her just married son  by Jayaprakash Padma Siva Sankaran which was shared  by my friend  Suresh KR .I have  definitely taken  his idea  but   the  approach and write up is definitely mine.)

1.My dear   Son, who is dear to me,
Today   you   have   got  a companion,
Who is as   young   and bubbly as you,
And from tomorrow , she and you are  your family

2.Before   you start   the day one of your life ,
As your mother    who is your  first Guru ,
I have to teach  you  a lot, about how,
You should   treat your wife  who is your  friend.

3, I and she are  the  only women  in your life ,
Whose   only ambition   is to make you happy,
And we both , though   we had   a life of our own before,
Would give up   all that   we have,  for your sake.

4.Till now  as you  knew  me  as   the only  woman of your life,
Your mind   would  always    tend   to compare ,
Her, the new  lady   who has entered   your life , with me ,
In looks, behavior and skills in cooking and home management.

5.By doing this   you would be  making your own  life ,
Like a hell   full of miseries , pain   and troubles,
For I too was  exactly  like  her  twenty five years back,
As I lacked  experience  and  knowledge  and was similar to her.

6.Just like you, she  before   coming    to this house  as your wife,
Was an angel  to her parents , who brought her up,
Without  any care  and  were   full of worries,
Even  when a finger  of their   darling  daughter pained.

7.For her   to become  like  me , it would take time , because
For that  she has to learn to  be a wife  to the demanding you,
For that  she has  to bring  up  her own children,
Which would make  her a great wife  and mother like me.

8.Please understand   that   your wife  is not your mother,
Whose  only main task in  life till date was to look after  you,
But she is your friend, who is going   to be with you,
Through  thick and thin and share   all  your cares

9.Please   do not expect   that   love is a one sided coin,
It is a  mutual  journey of joy  , pain , laughter  and cares.
For it to succeed   you both have  to learn to respect ,
Each other  and also make your mission  to make  your partner happy.

10. She has left her  own home  where  she was a goddess,
To be with you  so that   she and you build up a  new home,
Please   try all that  you can  to make her  feel that  this home,
Is  no different  than her home , by possible change of yourselves.

11.Please  know   that   everyday   all your life  you have to love her,
And understand    that  love for each other  does not alter  with age
Praising her dress and looks  , praising   the food that she has  cooked,
Praising  her ability  to  do things and happily laughing  aloud are all parts of love.

12. To tell in a  few words   son, treat  her always and always ,
The way that  your father  treated me  all his life ,
Please  love   and respect her    and learn to be a part,
Of her life, her chores  , her worries and her anxieties.

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