Friday, September 30, 2016

Is it just Oh Lord Shankara??

Is it just Oh Lord Shankara??


Mannargudi  Sitraman Srinivasan

Translated  by

( I consider  myself  as a very ordinary person   who is in love with God . I 100% believe   that what all has been done by me  is done by God not me. I consider that God is the computer  operator and I am his key board. So when I read whatever has been written by Mannargudi  Sitraman Srinivasan , I felt the author has so correctly written the feelings towards  God in my mind , I  just translated it in to English(God made me do it)   and every time  I read it , I feel, how true it is?  )

You   are standing  there  as my mother ,
It is more than Suffecient oh Shankara.

After making  me write  about you meaningfully,
After making  me who is nothing   as a thing ,
And making others  appreciate  what I have written,
You are  becoming happy, Is it Just Oh  Lord Shankara?

After   you  your self completely   doing  ,
The creation, writing  and giving  it a form,
And seeing many appreciate  me  ,
Who is a but an actor  moving his lips ,
You yourself   are enjoying it ,Is it just , Oh Lord Shankara.?

When I was  absoulutely useless  and knew,
Nothing except you  , after teaching me  every thing,
One by one  and not showing it outside,
You are seeing me from your hiding place , Is it just oh Lord Shankara?

After  receiving   all these   from only you ,
When I have become  a simple machine,
Transmitting to the world and seeing me ,
Blessed by everyone , you become happy, Is it just Oh Lord Shankara?.

You are the  only one who can transform a twig of a grass.
In to a huge   cyclone  and  after   doing that ,
You   are  pretending   that  you have ,
Not done anything . is  it just Oh Lord Shankara?.

Ahalya  Got redemption only  after Rama’s  feet,
Touched her  and just by the fall of your glance ,
On people  , they  have got salvation  and you,
Are acting as if   you have nothing ,
To do with it all, is it just Oh Lord Shankara?

After   showering   the rain of  golden affection,
On me  as if to prove that “Even for a  crow,
Its  child is a golden child “, you stand  like a mother there,
Telling “Is there a devotee like mine?”, Is it just Oh Lord Shankara?.

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padmaarunachalam said...

Shankaran he is ammaiyappar, thayumaanavar that is what revealed in the first two lines. Om Namashivaya. I adore my lord Shankara