Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cure for Husbadaitis Virus disease caused by “Shopamania ladylarum”

Cure   for Husbadaitis  Virus disease  caused by  “Shopamania ladylarum”

( The  first curse   and its cure)


(I rarely   write  anything like this  but an announcement  of husband   care centres when wife is shopping  made me write it. It is all purely fun as I know several males  who are shopomaniacs .)

God   created  a man ,
The man cried  for a  companion,
God took a bone    from him  ,
And created   a pretty lady  out of it

Possibly   that  Man  was   really  happy,
To   play   , laugh   and dance  with his ,
New companion   , who was  pretty and sharp,
But the joy  of man was   short lived.

God  opened   a shop  of juicy  apples,
And put a board  “Not  for eating  ,
If you do you   would  be cursed.
But  the lady   was  interested in shopping.

So when God the   shopkeeper  ,
Was looking   hither and thither ,
She made  the man  who was  her man,
Steal    the   apple   from the   shop.

God the  great majesty  who was divine ,
Not only    sold apples  but also curses,
Which were   given free    to the person,
Who took   the  apple from his   shop.

He cursed  the man who stole  his apple,
“ shops would   come all over the world ,
Which sold things  that  you may not like ,
But   would be liked   by her immensely “

The world suddenly    changed  ,
Shops , department shops   and malls ,
Whose  only  intention in the  world ,
Was to attract   the fairer sex appeared everywhere.

They stocked  Saris  in thousand   materials ,colours and designs,
Chudis, Kurthis  , jeans , gowns  , nighties   and other dresses,
Milions  of  materials   that  assured  all women ,
That if we use them , they would be the most beautiful,

All  women ladies  , lasses   and  little girls  ,
Wanted to spend   all their  time  in these  shops and malls ,
The men were  prepared  to work hard ,
So that  they  earn money  to send them for shopping

But   the  members  of the fairer sex  who were  better half,
Wanted  their male  companions    to come along with them to shop,
So that  all of them  are safe  , could  keep an eye  on them,
And also   approve  of their  choices and lastly   carry the purchase  home.

The Man first  cursed  the  shops  and malls  which were  troubling them,
Then those  fairer sex without   whose  company  they cannot live  ,
And then the God  who inflicted  all this punishment   just  for a stolen apple,
For   he was  bored and  bored stiff for being   forced  to shop  without stop.

God , who also did not like  to shop  , took great  pity on them,
And told them ,”  do not worry , I would make shopping pleasant for you.”
He waved his magic wand  and suddenly  in all Malls and shops,
New  crèches  for men appeared , where they can be left  by their wives and daughters

The crèches  were  filled  with  eatables  , choice drinks,
Gambling casinos , Hundreds  of young and old to chat ,
Movies  and songs   , just   for you to  order  and watch,
And also sapthahams, BHajanais  and Harikathas   for the old.

God made ladies happy  , because  they can shop without worry ,
Men happy  because  they never  could otherwise enjoy all  this fun,
The owners  of the stores,  shops and Malls  as their earning increased,
And  the huge multinationals  who ran these  crèches   with great profit.

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