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Annam Brahma (Food is God) –Avoid wasting it

Annam Brahma  (Food  is God) –Avoid   wasting it


My friend Dr  Rajagopal Velamoor  who is a retired  Director of an  agricultural research Institute  has dedicated  his life   for avoiding  wastage  of food   and has started  a society called  “Society  for  Hunger  elimination (SHE)  with head quarters  in Thirupathi. As a scientist he has   gathered information that  at least 30 crores  of Indians Go to bed without  food. Further  research by him   , has revealed that  , we as a country   are  wasting and throwing out  lot of   food , which if saved   can provide   food for the   thirty crores  of people .So  he along with his friends  is running a campaign   to stop wastage  of food at all levels .  One of his activity  is to supply placards   to be exhibited  in halls   where  huge feasts  are  arranged  as well as  in Hotels  , with a request to avoid wasting food.I wish him and his volunteers   a great  success  in his chosen aim
Our country realized this long ago   and taught   all of us  that “Annam Brama” i.e  “Food is God.”.When our own Indian friends   go to USA ,
1.Whenever they go to hotels  , they  serve themselves what they can eat   and request the Hotel  to pack, the remnants of the food   we have ordered , so that  we   bring it home, store it and take it later

2,In every party or feast arranged  , the host keeps ready   several   containers   so that  , all the food that becomes excess   can be packed and   given to the guests   (as per their choice)  so that they  gladly take it away 

Should we  Indians   who considered   Food as God  , not do something about it  .In a   short poem, I am trying to identify  various stages  where  we can save food .Many more may exist  .

To the farmer  about   to harvest   his crop , I would say ,
Waste  not while   harvesting  for   food is God,

To the man who transports  these  crops to market, I would say,
Waste  not while loading   and transporting  for  food is God .

To the government officer  of   food authority  of India, I would say ,
Waste  not great amounts  while storing  for food is God.

To  the   whole sale  market yards  maintained badly , I would say,
Waste  not by improper   handling     for food  is God.

To the retailor in whose  hands  the food  rots , I would say,
Waste  not by improper   buying and storing   for food is God.

To the housewife   who buys  the  food from the retailer , I would say,
Waste not by buying more than you  need for   food    is God.

To the house wife again who cooks the food for the house , I would say,
Waste  not by cooking  more and serving more  for food is God.

To the  people living in the house   who eat food daily there, I would say,
Waste  not by getting more food   that  you do not like  or need  , for  food is God

To the people    who go to restaurant    for taking  food there, I would say,
Waste not by over buying or leaving   food in the plate  , for food   is God

To  all those  who celebrate various occasions , by a great  feast  , I would say ,
Waste not  lot of food  by ordering multiple dishes for guests who may not come, for food is God

To all those   servers   who serve large  number of dishes in the feast , I would say ,
Waste not by  serving large scoops of food unless  asked by the guest , for food is God

To all those   persons   who are  eating  in a great feast , I would say ,
Waste not by not telling the server, the quantity   you need , for   food is God.

Again to all the persons   who are   busy   gobbling  food  in the feast, I would say ,
Waste not food   by   not eating  all that is served and leaving it there , For food is God

To  the person who arranges   the great feat   for his friends, I would say,
Waste not by not arranging   package containers   to pack and give  to the needy guests , for food is God.

To the caterer  Who   arranges   the  feast , I would say,
Expect wastage , arrange to pack  food for guests  and  to the needy  who are everywhere , for food is God

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