Friday, September 2, 2016

He answers Her

Answer   by  P.R.Ramachander    for a post  of   Her   , which is given below   this posting:-


Love your  Handsome  Husbands
*Do not say no   to all proposals that  husband makes –It hurts him
*Do  not  share   your love with another man-It is also called  Adultery
*Never  compare Your Husband’s income   with another man. If God wanted  he would have  got you a richer  husband
*Be loving  and sacrificing .He has  given up his  duties towards  his loving family  so that  he can satisfy you. He would be hurt  when you  keep on finding faults   with his family.
* Hide nothing    from him  as you are his soul of soul. If he  later  knows   what you are hiding , he would suffer a lot.
* Don’t make negative comments about   his looks and income. He sacrifices all he earns and all he likes , so that you  and his children are happy.
* Do not  let his income  be yardstick of his success .Learn to live with what he is able to earn.
* Never  keep on nagging him in private .Problems are  for both of you to sit and solve together
*.Thank him   for all that he sacrifices to  keep you and your children happy  .Never  underestimate   what he does
*All men  cannot  earn like a  software engineer and they cannot take you and family   to restaurants   every weekends
*Never place your brother or father before him. He  has given up everything  he has and  all his likes   to make you happy.
*Make  it a point to make him  contended and happy .He is the only one   who would  give up everything to see that   you are  happy till  your  end.
*  Never use  your beauty    to control him .Even when your beauty  fades away  , he would love you  and only you.
*.Do not  publicize his faults   to your friends   for the same friends would laugh  at you behind your  back.
* Look after  his parents and honour them. Before he married you , they were  his Gods.He would feel miserable   , if  he cannot look after them because of you.
*Never stop  praising him  for all that  he  is . This gives him confidence   to fight with life.


In reply to  HER  

Love Your 'Own Beautiful Wives'

●Don’t shout at your wife when you are talking. It really hurts her.

●Do not share her love or affection with another woman. It is called Adultery.

●Never compare your wife to another woman. If the other woman was good for you, God would have given her to you.

●Be gentle and accommodating. She has sacrificed so much to be with you. It hurts her deeply when you are hash and irritating. Be tender.

●Hide nothing from her. You are now one and she’s your soulmate. Let there be no secret you are keeping from her.

●Do not make negative comment about her body. She risked her life and beauty to carry your babies. She is a living soul not just flesh and blood.

●Do not let her body determine her worth. Cherish and appreciate her even till old age.

●Never shout at her in the public and in private. If you have an issue to sort with her, do it in the privacy of your room.

●Thank and appreciate her for taking good care of you, the kids and the house. It is a great sacrifice she is making.

●All women cannot cook the same way; appreciate your wife’s food. It is not easy to cook three meals a day, 365 days a year for several years.

●Never place your siblings before her. She is your wife. She is one with you. She must come before your family.

●Make time to play with her and enjoy her company. Remember when you are dead, she’s gonna be by your grave but your friends may be too busy to attend your funeral.

●Never use money to manipulate or control her. All your money belongs to her. She is a joint heir with you of the grace of God.

●Do not expose her weakness. You will be exposing yourself too. Be a shield around her.

●Honour her parents and be kind to her siblings.

●Never cease to tell her how much you love her all the days of her life. Women are never tired of hearing that.


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