Sunday, September 18, 2016

Daughter Divine - poem dedicated to my daughter

Daughter  Divine

A poem dedicated to our daughter


Times have past  in a frenzy  , daughter  divine ,
Since  the day   when I lifted you  as a helpless  baby,
To stare  at you   with  pride  without bounds ,
Wanting  to shout , “Oh ,  how blessed I  am ,
To have a daughter    who is as sweet as  this little one”

In those  hapless  days  when  the great   God,
Was playing    with my life like the gambler’s dice,
When for days together   with tears  in the brinks of my eyes,
I was   staring   at a hopeless   future in the mid of cyclone of life.
When you opened   your  sweet little  mouth   to tell,
“Appa  , I like you a lot”, I turned in to  an acme of joy.

Years passed  and everyday   when I come back  from office,
When you used   to   ask me “What have you brought today, Appa?”
I was speech less   as well as  answerless  due to  an empty purse,
But  did I not tell you little one  , ‘Heaps and heaps  of unalloyed affection  for you.”

You grew up   in to a  bundle of silken    and golden affection ,
And  when  me used to   dream  and ask you “Who would be a scientist like me”
You without battling  of an eye   used to  say , “Me Appa”
But I knew even then dreams  seldom  turn in  to realty.

You  became an intelligent and affectionate  sweet little lass,
And   the day came   fast , when I had   to  wave my hands,
Helplessly  and  say   to you  . “Oh my god  what shall I do  without her?”
And the cruel God replied, “Wherever she  is, she would love you,”

And you did   that  my little treasure   and   have   become now,
The  walking stick   that I lean on    at this  very old age.
And when I stare   at the future  in a helpless  fashion,
You always tell me  “I love you Appa , Is it not enough?”

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