Saturday, September 17, 2016

Please do not waste even a single grain-It is a crime against humanity

 Please do not waste   even a single grain-It is a crime   against humanity 

From the posting  of Ravikumar P   in the face book:-

Translated by

The   grain of   cooked rice in your plate,
Saved itself from rats  when it was  growing,
Escaped when the   grain awns   were beaten,
Escaped   when it was getting filled up in the jute bag,
Escaped when paddy husk was  removed in the mill,
Escaped when we were  taking out the chaff,
Escaped from dropping down in the shop   when it was being sold  ,
Escaped  by not dropping on the floor   when it was being cooked,
And escaped by not getting scattered  when it was being served on your plate,
And do you think it is proper /just   to waste   that  precious grain ,
Which has been escaping   in  various stages  of its life.

Please do not waste food 

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