Thursday, September 22, 2016

Son replies to his mother who advised him after marriage

Son   replies  to his mother   who advised  him after marriage


(Many of you might have read , how a wise mother   advised her son about  how to treat his wife. Here is his reply )

Mother  mine  the wishes and advices ,
That you gave me on this day  ,
When I am taking  the new steps ,
To enter life of matrimony  are indeed great.

I would be following    them in toto ,
So that the matrimonial life mine ,
Would be  much more  like a great paradise,
Rather than    the very suffering hell.

Mother  mine   , by age    and experience ,
You are   much , much greater than me ,
And so I am placing before   you .
Very humble requests  rather than advices.

The girl who has   wed me  very recently,
Has  been brought up   in the modern  times,
When  every individual   dreams and dreams,
To live  as  per , what they think is liked  by them.

I know  a lot about    her  already  because ,
Just from the day   I saw   her and  she said yes,
We have been  texting each other without stop,
And  talking with each other lots and lots.

I am sure   while spending    her very cosy life,
With her  doting parents   and loving siblings,
She must   have  herself  dreamt and decided,
What her married life  would be  going to be.

She  must have   possibly   thought ,
That her life    from now onwards,
Would be  a great march  of happiness,
With  the love that we  would share.

So I request you mother   to understand,
That the time when you   were a girl like her,
Has changed     extremely  greatly,
And her dreams and aspirations  are different from yours.

Though    she is interested   in cooking   and other chores
She   as all youngsters want   to do it in their own  way ,
Which she  has learnt     from her  mother  or laptop,
And would not like   you   to teach her   that any time.

From tomorrow  morn as   soon as we wake up,
She would be  gobbling    some  Corn flakes,
And start   running   to the bus stand ,
So that   she  reaches  her office in time.

Ofcourse   she would  be returning   from there,
Very late   at night   and if  you had cooked for her,
She would eat   it  and thank you   for that,
Before getting prepared  for office for the next day.

Though   we would  be seeing   each other   daily  at night,
May  be we   may not have  much time   to speak .
As both of  us    would be  as tired  as wet hens ,
And as soon as we hit the bed we will sleep.

Yes, the week ends   would  come every week,
When you   would be   able to see   and talk ,
With us both   but   some time   around noon,
When we   both  get up after  a  good sleep.

But  we would not expect   you to cook for us,
As   we would be  eating  in some  good hotel,
And come back   in the evening after shopping,
And sure mother  she  would cook  dinner for us  .

Whenever   we both     do get time  mother  ,
WE would talk to you   and make  you happy ,
 We  are   sure   that      you would be a great asset,

For us, as you would look after  our children  when they are born.

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