Friday, September 2, 2016

Food is precious , give it but not throw it out

Food  is precious , give it  but not  throw it out

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(I have borrowed some  words  and idea   from a tamil poem on hunger  given in    Please do not waste   food, do not make it dirty   and throw  it out .Ask those   who serve  helpings that you can eat  and do not leave anything on the plate or leaf . Then give all the food you have   saved   with a smiling face   to those  hungry people outside .Not only God would bless  the birthday boy  but   even those  humans   standing  outside.) 

With  belly  of ours roaring   and making sounds
With  our eyes becoming dark due to hunger
And with  our ears   throbbing   due to pain of hunger
When we were  waiting outside  ,
Inside  those who never  knew hunger ,
Were  celebrating   some one’s   birthday.

Our shoulders   became jellied ,
Because   of    the painful  ache  of  our  stomach,
Our head was   getting bent  causing   us  pain,
As our back bone   without food was not able  to stand straight.

The society which tainted    with their saliva,
Whatever    tastey  food     that    was left unconsumed,
After  the great  celebration  of someone’s   birthday,
With  great disgust ,  threw  all   that food out.

Our belly   thought  wisely ,
That whatever was   being thrown out
Is  like nectar  and  was very great   and  we all smiled,

Before throwing out  the food,
They saw all   around   again and again and noticed that,
There were   many there who  were hungry  like us,
And  though they knew   that whatsoever  food  they felt  had been spoilt  ,
Would be accepted   with joy by us ,
Feeling that  it was really  very tastey nectar,
Because  all those who were  waiting   there like us  were  hungry.

For all  the food that  all of us   got ,
We became thankful and joyous ,
And told the God that  we were  grateful,
For we were  all greatly   hungry

If but all those great ones  had  not   wasted  their  food  and made it Dirty,
And given to us   to eat , who  had   been waiting   with great hunger ,
God would have  blessed them  and our satiated  hunger,
Would have  prayed to God , “God make their birthday   really happy.”

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