Saturday, September 17, 2016

Matching horoscopes for Matrimony

Matching  horoscopes  for Matrimony


   Though   this subject is  not  described   either  in Ramayana , Mahabharatha  or Bhagawatha , the system of  matching horoscopes  of the bride and groom plays an important   role  in arranged marriages in India.
   With the steep falling  of sex ratio  possibly because  of the steep   reduction  in the average family    size, Matching of horoscopes is considered   as the chief  hindrance   in arranging  marriages..Here are  the problems  people face:-

1.No two astrologers   agree.
2.The procedure  for matching of horoscopes  not only  changes from state  to state  but also   from person  to person.
3.Most of the people  do not believe   that  matching  of horoscopes   have any thing   to with success  in marriage.
4,.To the common man it appears   that  the chance of marriage  failing   is same both  in  arranged  marriages   and love marriages
5.There  is a common feeling  that  the astrologers keep on telling horoscopes do not match till  the  person becomes desperate   and then make  him spend  lots of money on Pariharams, Gems  , Homams   and visit of temples,
6.Due to this most of the parents   do not match horoscopes  but use it as a convenient tool   to reject  marriage  proposals  which they do not like

    I am a statistician by profession  and had been engaged  in matching  of horoscopes  as a service and  after  doing it for 20 years, I have concluded that  the probability of happy marriage   is slightly  higher (60-70%)  if  the horoscopes  are matched.
    What   do you all think ? If you  all think   that this  is the greatest hindrance  for  people getting married, then we will have to think of how   to  get rid  of  this  procedure.

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