Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The travel of a sparrow( a human being ) to its/his land of dreams-a poem

The travel of a sparrow( a human being )  to its/his  land of dreams-a poem


( We as human beings are nowadays prepared  to loose everything  including our happiness  and culture  to reach our land of dreams .Some of us reach there  and lead a life of sorrow and others  like the sparrow fall on the way . I got the  idea from posting of  Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan.
   Each verse of the travel of the sparrow is followed by   the travel of the man. The sparrow loses all its wings and falls on the way   and the man reaches there  after losing  everything he has  including happiness.)

Your flight   to your  dream land
One pretty  ,  and cute sparrow   saw, 
A dream land   far , far away,
And it wanted to go there  very badly ,
And  started to fly towards  that dream land
(A man of the modern times   brought up,
In the  waty of tradition , saw a land of dreams,
And he   wanted   to go there   very badly ,
And started  he a journey   to that land)

The sparrow did not know   the way to the land,
And on the  way met a  great   astrologer and asked,
Would you tell me   the way to that  dream land,
And he said   yes, if you give me a  feather of yours,
The dream crazy sparrow  gave one feather  and flew further
(The man not knowing how to go    to the dream land of his  ,
Went   to the home of a   Guruji  great and asked,
Can yyou show me how  to go to my land of dreams,
And he said yes , provided you desert   your family  traditions,
The dream crazy man gave up his family traditions  to go up there.)

The sparrow   flew further  following the way of astrologer,
But found  after  some time that   its dream land was far far away,
And then it saw   a snake  , with its   open hood and asked him,
“Can you show me the way to the  dream land of mine,
The snake did but    the sparrow  lost  one more of  its wings,
(The man who gave up his   family tradition   tried by his best,
But Still found his land of dreams   far , far away   and ,
He met an agent  , whose job was  to send people  and asked him ,
“Can you send me  to my land of dreams?” and he did,
But the man had   to desert  his near and dear ones  and his land.)

The sparrow  proceeded further  , asking various  people on the way,
Directions to reach its land   of dreams  and to each  one,
Who showed  it the  direction , it went on giving a feather each,
And at last   the bird jumped with joy as   it could see its  dream land nearby.
(The man proceeded   to the land of his  dreams , asking help from  several,
On how to reach his  dream land and   to each one , he had to give up ,
Jolly times with his family , wonderful   food that he   used to eat,
The affection of  his parents , the deep respect he got from his younger ones,
And so on and on   but he jumped with joy when he saw his dream land near by.)

But the sparrow could not fly   to the land of its dream,
AS it had lost all its   wings and ability  to fly and cried.
(The man  reached his land of dreams  but having lost ,
All his joy   and peace  , suffered  daily in his land of dreams )

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