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THe first talk of Daughter in law to mother in law in 2060 India

Future  Indian daughter  in law of  2060  would perhaps talk to her  mother in law like this –God save us?

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This  frank talk of the daughter in law to her mother   illustrated   here would not take  place for another 30-40 years  ,By that  time the present day daughter  in laws   would be mother in laws . Even then  due to the  great culture of India , such things may not happen  .But I  am simply showing  you all  a horror film .

After  a grand marriage  of rituals , fire offerings,
Mehandhis  , Sangeeth     and   dances ,
The daughter in  law   did come  to her in laws home,
And was received  with great  fanfare by her mother in law.

The Dil  showing  no symptoms  of the illness of shyness,
Told her Mil , “Thanks    for receiving  me like  this,
But  before I start  my life in this measly house,
I would like to tell you  that my stay is  to be  very short here.

I am sorry   to say this  and I hope you will excuse .
I do not  like the way  that you  decorate  the house,
Nor the way   that  you are maintaining   it.
And your home  is not  the home that  I  Dreamt

I  have    much higher   income than your son,
And  when we add it to    the money your  son brings,
It would   be greatly    plenty  and substantial,
And so    we both   would be moving  to a better house soon.

WE also would   take  loan from   the bank and  credit card ,
And furnish the   homes    as per   our joint dreams,
We would also be   employing   several servants  ,
As well as  a cook , so that  we can relax  and be comfy.

Most of the  time  only   servants   would  be managing  the house ,
As we both   would be away    from morning   to night,
But we would   surely find  a little time  in weekends,
But  we would be  busy with marketing   and dining out .

Apart   from the   regular   work   that we both will have,
I also have  to find   time   to   chat   with my friends  ,
Going to  beauty  parlour, visiting  my own house ,
And all other  chores which all women do.

Please do not worry at  all  , for  we would be seeing you ,
As the guests   to all the parties  which we  propose to hold,
And also you  can join us   for  lunch or  dinner  ,
In five star  hotels , provided   you are dressed  well.

Once in a while    you   and father   can join us,
Either   to stay with us  or when we  go on trips .
Since we both families  would be staying in same town,
And if you are  sick   or need our  help  , we would defiantly help you.

We are  not planning    to have any kids  immediately  ,
And when    we  two decide   to   have  one,
Your help would  be needed  very much by us,
AS my parents   are   not used to such chores

Apart from that  when   your son falls   sick  ,
I may not    be able   to take care  of him,
AS my commitments   to the office are great.
And  we both look forward to your stay with us then.

Oh my dear mother  in law  ,  times have changed,
And you have  to learn to adjust to that,
I am sorry    that   I have been  unusually harsh,

But  unless  I tell them, my life  would  be  miserable.

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