Monday, September 12, 2016

The tears of our Golden mother- a poem

The tears  of  our Golden mother

Written with tears  by

To the  parched  southern tip  of our  motherland,
Sage Agasthya   brought  in pitcher his wife Lopa Mudhra.
The great God Ganesa    who  presides   over   all our welfare ,
Took a form of a crow  and toppled that pitcher.

Lopa Mudhra  freed by the crow(ka)  from the   control of the sage,
Spread  (Viri) all over the southern tip   and brought  succour  ,
To those   thirsty  people  for  ever and ever  and they also,
Used her ebbing waters  to  grow food to satiate  their hunger.

The needs  of the people increased   , as the  mouths  ,
To drink and to eat increased   thousand    fold,
And those   parched  millions  prayed  mother Cauvery,
“Oh mother  , Help  these children to eat and drink”

The king  with a black feet    built a grand Anicut ,
Across the  mother   river  that  blessed us all,
And with a roaring  laugh , she gave,
More and more water  to raise the crops.

The rice  and the food   that she   helped  us grow,
Spread all over the land  helping  people to eat,
And  those grateful  ones  with a satiated life,
Decided  to call their mother river  as the golden one.

Centauries    rolled  like   a very big giant wheel ,
And the  needs of   her children    further increased,
And a Genius  engineer   blessed by our mother  Cauvery,
Built  a giant dam   across her so that all  could eat.

Times rolled  , we became  free  and thanked  her,
The Golden river    who was   our own mother,
And to  develop   the  language   we spoke,
We decided to divide  ourselves  in to language parks.

Her sons   whom she fed   all these years  ,
Without any murmur    at any of those times,
Are  today engaged  in  making a division,
Of the   great wealth of water     she gave.

Due to the   cutting   of the forests ,
That she covered herself   so that  ,
More and more water  could come to her ,
Are no more there   for any one to see.

Without water   to give to her fighting sons .
The poor mother without sufficient water  wealth,
Has started   to cry    and what we   drink today,
Are her tears  and what we eat  is the food from those tears,

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