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Aanaikku oru kalam, Poonaikku oru kalam

Aanaikku oru kalam, Poonaikku oru kalam 

Recently I have penned   several such posts.All of them are  not completely true. Yes, once upon a time (50 years back) it was the groom  who used   to put conditions but now they cannot afford to do so,
Once the grooms parents used to ask  , “pretty very fair girls who have orthodox upbtingng along with  huge dowry, well ornamented , specially   with Vaira Thodu full seer varisai  , silver vessels, grand marriage  and   so on and on endlessly.” But it is now the  time for   bride’s parents  or brides to ask. Their demands are being exaggerated by  groom’s parents.  After some time they may ask  “Sthri shulkam( dowry to girls) , full expenditure  of marriage  including ornaments and cloths    to be borne  by grooms parents  etc etc” .Our forefathers have told, “Aanaikku oru kalam, vanthal  Poonaikku oru kalam varum.”.

Tips to parents and grooms to get married

Translated by
P.R . Ramachander

(This is based on the great  Tamil write up by Hamsabai  Santhana Krishnan. I have taken some independence   while drafting it in English)

Parents    of the groom   either should be in heaven,
Or should  eat in the marriage  feast  and should  vanish forever

The groom should have a  salary of more than seven lakhs ,
If itr is six, he should produce  a certificate   from his office  that it would be made  in to seven.

After  marriage   the girl would   go and live in  her  parent’s home for ten days a month,
And during the rest twenty    days , her parents would live  in her home,

After marriage the girl would financially   support her parents,
But  grooms who need to do that  would not be considered.

Oh grooms parents, If a girl  consents   for marriage ,
Immediately  sign an agreement  for above conditions,
And celebrate   your sons   marriage  and post haste  vanish,
And Oh girl’s parents   , it is real time    for you to enjoy.

Oh grooms cash  in on her   agreement and do not raise ,
Silly things like, mutual love ,  give and take   and sacrifice ,
If your  intention is   to lead   a married   life .
Thinking or talking about these means you would be batchelor forever.

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