Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Self belief is the greatest belief

Self  belief   is the greatest belief


(I got the idea   from  tamil posting of  my friend  A G Kesavan.Thanks to him)

I believed in astrology, my fiends  , my relations  and my wife,
And  when I became old  I  did  believe  in God  and at last fate ,
And at that   time  the soul  left my body   and reached God,
And I  told God , “though I believed in all , none helped me.”

God asked me , “great , Did you   ever believe in your selves”
Suddenly I woke up from sleep  and understood  that all that I saw was a dream,
Which taught me that  he who believes in all except himself   is wasting his time,

And he   who believes in himself  only   need not believe  in any one else..

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