Monday, January 2, 2017

Not even God can go against fate

Not even God   can go against fate


(I saw the first part of this narration  in face book , written in Tamil  .I knew about  the second  part  of the story.)

There   was a  great  but very poor   old  saint ,
One day  he was mending  his torn dhothi ,
Using   a needle  and thread   which he had,
And at that time God and Goddess were  flying  over him

The goddess  felt    great pity  for the poor saint ,
And told her lord”we should give him a boon.”
And they came   down to earth and appeared before the saint,
Who became  happy , elated   and ecstatic  on seeing both of them.

He saluted them both , offered  buttermilk and water for them to drink,
And then the God told him, “we  have  come here  to give you a boon”
And the saint   with great  humility replied “I do not want ant,
As seeing you   with my eyes  is the greatest  boon that I can get.”

Goddess  insisted, pleaded and later ordered him to ask for a boon.
And with a sigh he replied, “Okay, let the thread travel  behind the needle,
When I am stitching “ and Goddess  told , “ Even without my boon it would”
And the saint replied”Similarly what  I am fated  to get , I will get  without your boon.”

The God and Goddess  started  flying again    with a smile in the face,
And understanding  that the saint and all  people  like him,
Would get   all  they are  fated   to get   including their boon,
And decided, not to give any one  any boon  unless requested.

After   they flew    for some   more   time   they saw a  good beggar,
Walking  on the road    chanting   their names  repeatedly ,
And the Goddess   wanted    to give him some money ,
And the God pointed out  that , they  had just decided not to give without asking

But the Goddess   was   very adamant and told  , He was a  wise sage,
And this is an ignorant  beggar  and they would view  k life differently ,
And so they would   have   to give and God put  a bag full of gold,
On the path  by which   the beggar  was walking  and suddenly,
The beggar thought “I walk on this road   daily and I know it well”

And soothe beggar  thought , I  can easily walk   through this path,
Closing both   my eyes and immediately started   doing so,
And while walking   with closed eyes  he did not   see the money bag ,
And reached home and God told goddess “Fate  is bigger  than both of us.”

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