Thursday, January 19, 2017

The lost (last) spring season fifty five years back , in this autumn of modernity

The  lost (last) spring   season  fifty five years back ,  in this autumn of modernity


(This write up is not mine but was posted in the face book which attracted me. I have  modified certain  aspects  to make its appeal universal. I have   changed certain narrations)

Fifty  five years back:-

They  repaired their slippers   and wore it again,
They  darned their cloths    and   wore it again,

Even after  love marriage the    wife  did not address,
Her husband by his  name or referred to him without respect.

During festivals special dishes   were  shared with neighbors.

Whenever   some dish was  left over at night  ,
Next day it was  boiled well and used   as side dish with gruel.

In all   wedding celebrations   lunch was  important feast.
During long journeys   they took  mixed rices like lemon or tamarind rice to eat on the way.
Most of the people travelled by  bus most of the time.
The students  of all schools    were  only children.
Most of the people understood meaning of lyrics of songs.
Most relatives and friends wrote letters    to each other. 
During festivals   together they ate feasts  and went and watched  Cinemas  together,
The entire village   together   ran behind the thief to catch him,
If some shouting is heard from a home, the neighbors   rushed to  help,
All of us respected elders of even neighboring homes
Near and dear  ones came to attend marriages even two days before
The entire village toiled  for every homes   celebrations
Each and every one came  and offered help if some is sick or  in case of death
Dawn  was pretty   for breathing and thinking

WE call  it progress  but   we have  lost   all that was good,
WE have sacrificed  happiness  of community  for sake of individual pleasures  and enjoyment.
It may be autumn of modernity now but we will  never get back the spring

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