Sunday, January 15, 2017

We lose millions for sake of saving fifty paise

We lose  millions for sake of saving fifty paise


(This is based on a story  posted in face book.My  acknowledgement to the one who posted in Tamil)

One beggar  while walking with his donkey,
Found  on his way  a real  very costly diamond.
And not knowing what it is or  its   worth  , he took it ,
And hung   on the ears  of his donkey.

An expert jeweler  in one sight  decided,
That that diamond  was worth  millions of rupees,
And he asked    the beggar, “how much would he need,
To sell   that sparkling  stone to me”.

The beggar   whose  normal income was one rupee.
Per day said, “Give me one rupee  and take  the stone.”
The jeweler   thought , that he could  haggle  its price,
Said, “I would give you fifty paise  , please give the stone.”

Another   jeweler    was watching   all these happenings,
Took out  from his pocket  One  thousand   rupees  ,
Gave it to the beggar  , took the stone and went away,
Making the poor beggar   dance   with  very great joy.

The first jeweler  chided  the beggar, “ Hey fool, stop this ,
Nonsensical dance , what you gave him costs millions of rupees.”
And the beggar replied” you are  the real fool   and not me,
For  I did not know the cost but got an amount  which is great for me.”

“I had nothing and wanted  only one rupee.,
But I got  one thousand rupees.
You have millions of rupees, haggled for fifty paise,
And lost    several million worth gem.”

Most of us   are like the first  jeweler ,
Though we  all do have great blessings of God,,
WE haggle   when we want to  give charity,
Or help or  offerings to God and we loose  everything.

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