Wednesday, January 11, 2017

She can be a witch or an angel

She can be  a witch or  an angel


(This is based on a story retold by Sri Anantha Narayanan , who is my friend in face book. My heartfelt thanks to him.)

One great king   after   fighting   very hard ,
Defeated    another   in a fierce battle,
And the defeated  king was brought   before.
The victorious   king     for punishment.

The victorious king    told the defeated  king,
“I would ask you   a question    and if you  ,
Give the correct    answer    for the same ,
I would give you  , your kingdom back”

The  defeated   one  agreed   and the victorious one,
Asked :”What does a lady desire   deep in her heart?”
And he told  that  this question   was asked to him  by his sweet heart,
Who promised to marry him, if he   answered correctly.

The defeated  king wandered   all  over the   world ,
And none knew the correct answer   and he was  directed,
To an old ugly Witch  who said , she knew  the correct answer,
But   would tell it to   the defeated king, if he would  obey her wish.

Without   seeing any other   option   the king agreed   and the witch,
Told, “Every woman deep in her mind wishes that   she should,
Be allowed to take all decisions  , in matters pertaining  to herself.”
The defeated king told  it to the   victorious one   , this answer.

He in turn told it to  his sweet heart , who  married him.
And the defeated king got  back his kingdom    and went,
And asked the old ugly witch   as to what she wanted ,
And she   demanded   the king should marry  her.

She also told ,” I have two forms , one of an ugly witch,
And another   of a pretty angel “ and asked the king,
“whether   she should take  the form of  witch while going out with him,
And be an angel   when she is in her home or vice versa.”

The king told her  “Do take   any decision that   you like,
Deep in your mind   and I would agree   to it.”
The witch became happy and said  she would  be,
An angel   always    and always  as she liked  his response.

This  only  tells   us that  any woman,
Would be an angel, if she takes the decisions,
And a  troublesome witch    when  someone,
Takes the decisions   and compels her   to obey.

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