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Varieties of Mammium Chennapatnam

Varieties  of Mammium  Chennapatnam

Original by
Prasad Kaushik  ( )

Rewritten  material  by

(I was fascinated by  this piece  of   writing of Prasad Kaushik  but somehow   I wanted to rewrite it in my own way. Hope the great writer would excuse. )

1.Tam Brahm mami   whether clad in Madisar,
Or strikingly pretty saris  made of cotton to silk,
Or  dressed  in Churidar, Kurthi or any other dresses,
Is a  great species   adaptable to any change.

A scientist   young friend  of mine  who has,
Specialized   in   evolution    and taxonomy  of species,
Says that they could all be named   and classified  as,
Mamium  chennapatnam   subspecies  Mylapore.

Evolved from centauries  of iron clad culture,
Managing   the affairs of home of Mama chennapatnum,
Though she has evolved  in to  Mamium modernism,
She has varieties from very orthodox to greatly  modern.

The Tambrahm   var.  Visa  Mami of this great species   tastes like  foreign food,
Has an aroma  of western continents  in her  and  is an expert,
In  travel to  any foreign country   of the entire world ,
And  would  tell you , how to live there spiritually  as well as domestically.

The  Tambrahm  var  temple run Mami   on the other hand is an expert  ,
On all places  in India , a guide  to any temple anywhere,
And often reeks the strong Aroma  of ash , sandal , musk  and saffron,
She tells you  without any stop, comma or semi colon of temples  and temples.

The  Tambrahm   var Pincode Mami    is extremely proud  of her local roots ,
And would be an expert on all  the shops  and temples of her area ,
Her Aroma   would be that of specialities   of her area ,
And she would jump at you , if you find fault   with her area.

Better  avoid the Mami var Centum , because  all her progeny,
Would have scored centum in all   subjects  and would be  studying in MIT.
She will laugh at you if you say you are   from  IIT  or regional college .
And this Mami would  have   the aroma of late tea   that  she supplies to her kids.

Tambram Mani var black sheep   used   to avoid  all temples,
Functions  and music concerts  because her children married  outside caste,
But things have changed and they   are becoming outspoken,
Because children are not getting married   of any one  else  to any body.

Tambram mami var interrogation should  be  definitely avoided,
They keep on asking questions , very loudly about   your personal details.
She may ask you, “I saw you other day hugging Lisa   in café”,
“I saw  you coming out of bar” , “I saw you smoking “ etc endlessly.

Tambram Mami  var Adi sales   would be a great bargainer,
Her greatest achiements are   buying  things dead cheap,
Please do not ask  her   why those   goods reek  smell of ancientness,
For then she would take out an umbrella  brought in sales and drive you away.

The Tambrahm mami  var  google  is an expert  in google search,
Not only for her wards  but to all   and sundry   she knows,
She searches for suitable   grooms  and brides,
Though she makes errors   she  does this ad valoram

Then ofcourse  there is the Tambram mami   var pretty made up,
Who is so pretty , that  they are being sought for dancing acting,
They   normally look  after  their big paunched  male of the  species ,
Who are fat, ugly and bald  which make  people think   that they are father of the Mami.

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