Sunday, January 1, 2017

The burden that the Lord gave

The burden  that   the Lord gave


(This idea again came   to me while reading a post by  Hamsabai Santana  Krishnan. I have modified   and concised  what she has written  and slightly modified  the conclusion. May Lord bless her   for het h great   and wonderful thoughts. My deep sense of gratefulness  to her.)

Once a very great lady  devotee  approached Lord Krishna,
She   was  an orphan , poor   with no one to care  ,
And she told the Lord “ I would   like    to obey you  ,
Without  any questions  asked and serve you.”

Lord Krishna   smiled   and told   that orphan devotee,
“Here is a  bag  , in   which I am storing   some thing,
It is not very heavy   but certainly   dirty looking,
Carry this  with you  and follow me wherever I go.”

Lord Krishna also told, “ It is visible only   to you and me.”
The lady devotee willingly   carried   that  not very heavy  bag,
And followed  Lord Krishna   wherever he went  ,
Of course   slowly she became  doubtful  about   its contents.

She knew   the Lord   did not want   her to know what it contained,
And slowly that   doubt made her  not willing to carry the bag  ,
And   eventually    she  started  feeling   that  the bag was  very heavy ,
And she told the lord, “I cannot carry this  ugly heavy bag   any more.”

The Lord promised   to help her   carry the  burdensome bag,
And did that  too  and they reached the place  they were  going to.
Lord  with a smile told   her to open the bag  and she did,
And she  saw it was   full of gold  , costly  emeralds and diamonds.

Lord Krishna   told   her all  that  is in the  bag is yours and ,
She fell at his feet and sobbingly told  , ‘due to my doubt ,
I hated to carry the bag   and if I had known its  contents,
I would have carried it willingly    and with joy.”

 The lord told, “This bag  is like   the body that  I gave you when you were born,
If you hated  it, carrying it  all your life  wherever  you go would be difficult ,
But  suppose   you had faith in me   and knew  that my gift is precious,
You would have   carried it with joy till  the day  that    you reach me.”

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