Sunday, January 1, 2017

Idhu Podhum yenakku (This is sufficient for me )

Idhu  Podhum yenakku
(This is sufficient for me  )

Kaviyarasu  Vairamuthu

Translated by

(A remarkable poem  by the great poet  about   the  love  of the husband to his wife  . The feelings expressed   are very sentimental and sensitive.)

Early  morning sounds , the  five AM birds ,
The sun knockng at the door of  night  ,
Your  anklets   would sing my wake yup song,
My eyes   which open  in your eyes,

This  is sufficient for me

The hot water  which is like  ordinary water,
The towel that spreads   perfume  ,
The kuttalam water  falls in the bath room,
And you getting wet   when I bathe,

This is  sufficient    for me

The rain  out side,
The windows to  watch the fun,
A single seater   chair ,
And  sitting on it- you and me

This  is  sufficient   for me
The   shore  of the pond  ,
The birds which bathe there,
The drops  that get sprayed,
When they dry their wings  ,
And the edge of your Sari  to wipe my face

This  is  sufficient   for me

The night when moon light  flows ,
The forest which has  lost the directions,
The  single  step  path,
And  a stroll   along  with you

This  is  sufficient   for me

The December –January when  trees shiver ,
The cold   that freezes the blood,
The body that   begs   for heat,
A single blanket   and mutual heat

This is sufficient for me.

The plate  of moon shine  ,
The   food made  of stars,
The ocean to wash my hands  ,
The clouds to wipe my hands,
In the wake up of the dream.
You in my arm pits,

This  is  sufficient   for me

The hut   in the hermitage,
The trees  which  wipe the floor  ,
The breeze  which   limps  ,
The sound of flowing river,
The swing for convenience,
Epic literature to read,
And to  mark the pages,
The flowers that shed from your hair.

This  is  sufficient   for me
Flower like  cooked rice  ,
Non fried leafy vegetable  ,
Well riped fruits  ,
Juice of vegetables ,
And you  to serve them ,
And to satiate  the hunger both of us

This  is  sufficient   for me

The garden of Bamboo,
The smell  of herbs  ,
Chair made of cane  ,
Knowledge of the world  ,
The silence that fills everywhere,
And the  song sung by you

This  is  sufficient   for me

The laugh    that does not vibrate ,
The  talk    that  does not fade ,
Look of enthusiasm,
The  soul ful appreciation,
One dropof your tears.
Which falls on good  poem,
And  which spills  out

This  is  sufficient   for me.
But   what about you?

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