Monday, January 16, 2017

Hear each other’s murmur by keeping your minds very close

Hear each other’s murmur by keeping your minds very close


(This is based  on a tamil Write up posted by my friend  sri SP Ramanathan. My thanks to him.)

One day a  Guru saw  members  of the same family ,
Shouting at each  other  in a very  loud voice  and he asked,
His disciples, “all these  people are   near to each  other,
Why are  they shouting ?  Are all of them deaf?”

The disciples replied “When you  get angry  ,  
You tend to lose   your peace  and that  is why perhaps,
They shout at each other  “ and guru replied ,
“They are near   to each other  and so they need not shout.”

After hearing    several  views from different people  , the Guru told,
“When  you get angry  , your minds  travel far   away   from each other,
And since   they have to make  other man’s  mind  understand ,
What they say  , possibly they shout, not understanding   that their bodies are nearby.”

“But when they  love each other  , their minds are very near by  ,
And even a murmur will do to make the other’s mind  understand,
But if their love for each other  is really   very great,
They understand each other  just by seeing other  person’s eye.”

The saint requested, “When you talk please do not use ,
The words  that would drive  the other’s mind to far away place ,
By doing that   , there  is a danger  of your minds  going,

So far far away  that they may not be able to hear  each other at all.

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