Saturday, January 14, 2017

All doves are simply doves but all men are not like that

All doves   are simply  doves  but all men are not like that


(This is based on a story  in Tamil posted by  Vishwanath Das. I learnt a lot from it  and so thanks Mr.Das )

There was big town with  good population of doves,
AS well  temples  of various religions   and groups.
A dove family was staying in   the top  of the tower,
Of a great  and  pretty    tower of a Hindu temple.

One day the Hindus  started  repairing  their temple tower,
The dove family  shifted  from  the temple tower  to the top of a masjid dome,
But unfortunately   they had to shift from there  to the top ,
Of the spire   of a church, as they were painting  the dome of Masjid.

God   wanted them  to soon shift from    there to the top of Gurudwara,
From there to the top of a Jain Basadi and to a top of  BUdhist Sthupa.
The  little doves   who had seen  violence  in all these  places   asked  their ma,
  “Why are they quarrelling mother?” and she replied  as follows .

A man going to temple is a Hindu, one going to Masjid  is a Muslim,
He who goes to church is  Christian  and omne going to Gurudwara  isa Sikh,
He who goes to Basadi  in a jain  and he who goes to Stupa  is a Budhist,
But wherever we go we are doves and the  little  one was confused.

It asked the mother   dove “To me  all of them appear  to  be men only,
Just like we are   doves  to whatsoever  place    we go,”
The  mother   dove   replied   with mirth  in its  voice,

“Men do not understand this and that is why , we are at the top and they are below.”

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