Monday, January 16, 2017

Bother not of praises or harsh words and proceed your march of life

Bother not of praises  or harsh words  and proceed  your  march of life


(Based on the face book posting of Shankaran Balasubramanian .My thanks to him)

A valorous prince was  defeated   in war  by a victorious king,
And the victor told  ‘ I would give you  one pot   filled  ,
With water up to the brim  and you have to carry  it,
For a mile  without   spilling   even a drop  of water from it.”

“Two of my soldiers would   follow you with unsheathed sword,
And if by chance you spill a   drop of water , they would cut off your head,
And if you  are  alive after  carrying  it for   a mile  ,
I would return back your kingdom   to you and make you its king.”

The valorous  prince  agreed   and started  his journey  with the pot,
On  both sides   of the  road  by which he had   to march,
Stood thousands of people , some cheering him  ,
And some others   teasing   and making   fun of him.

The valorous  prince  succeeded  in his mission   and the king,
Who gave him the task , appreciated   and applauded him,
And told him, “now  you  can punish all  those   who teased you,
And  praise all those   who had faith in you and encouraged you.

The prince , smiled    and told , “I never heard   any tease ,
Nor did I hear  appreciations  and  also I did not see ,
Anything except   the pot   that I was   carrying  ,
And so I do not find   any need to punish  or praise.”

The king then told the   prince  “The  pot that   you were,
Carrying was your body and the water  in  it your soul,
AS long as you live you have to take care  of the soul  ,
And later   give it back   to the creator  who gave it to you.

While  your body carries   the  soul in your journey of life,
Do not bother   about    all praises  that you get on the way,
AS well as   the harsh words   and teasings   that  are thrown   upon you ,

And march ahead  with a single aim  of  winning the task of your life.

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