Monday, January 23, 2017

Cell makes a curious boy confused

Cell makes a  curious  boy confused


(Based on a small write up in Whatsapp in  Malayalam,  I have modified it. Please  do not get confused  )

It was   a  great   school  in a  town in Kerala.
Where  Pradheep   was attending  his classes,
And Pradheep  was a boy   with curiosity ,
And his teachers used to say “He had great Brain cells”

That day   the  biology  madam marched  in to the class,
And she wanted   to teach them  about ,
The building blocks   by which every being  is made,
And she told  these  building blocks   are called “Cell”.

Pradheep    understood   the teacher   well  ,
And wanted to tell his parents   about this new word ,
And then marched   in the  efficient physics teacher,
And  he told , The electric  current we produce ,
Can be    stored   in a thing called  “Cell”, we call it battery

Pradheep    was   a bit   confused   and he wanted  ,
To ask his   History teacher    who  was about it,
That day  , the teacher   was teaching   about Andamans ,
And he told  , all prisoners were locked up in  their cells.

The brain of Pradheep was   about   to burst,
And then came   the maths   teacher  ,
Who was teaching   them about matrix that day,
And he told , individual elements  of a matrix is called cell.

Pradheep’s   confusion    increased   further  ,
And then came  the teacher   of commerce ,
Who taught   that day about  different business patterns,
And he told Pradheep  That every unit of trade is a cell.

Fortunately  the classes  were   over that day  ,
And a confused  Pradheep came out and went home ,
And his father  told , “You   are   a very good boy  ,
And so I am presenting a cell   to you  and gave him a phone.

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