Saturday, January 21, 2017

My ever lasting love


My  ever lasting love

Written in English  based  on  great write up by  J.K.Sivan

 (I enjoyed reading Write up of   Sri J K Sivan  and what all I have done is make a similar  weite up in English. Thanks Sir)

I have earlier   with great love  asked you,
“Are there  any persons who are not charmed by you?”
Your  form , your  fill up    and   your  blissful smell ,
Have made me  wait  several times and  in several places to attain you.

It would   very difficult     to meet you  in my home,
But  in several   towns, several  hotels  ,
Have I not met you  and  made  my evenings great ,
Those memories will last within me   till the end.

You are  very rare   creation, “Hey Lord Brahma ,
How or when did  you  create  this  rarity?”
And  how did you attract me    so much?
AS soon as I think about you  , my mouth is filled with Saliva .

But all that   is a very old    story , everything is over now.
But   I remember  about you in   my dreams  by  attaining you,
And  how much  I enjoyed  tasting   you  and not only that,
I have cut off my relations with that thing with your name  standing near you.

Did I say   no to you   because   of my own self ?
Roll back your thoughts , how many times have we met,
Each other  in this my country   and also abroad?
Think of the  length of  the relation between you and me.

But  my relation with you    has come to an end ,
Because  of the gentleman  who works as a doctor,
He received me , gave a very broad smile  and winked   at  me ,
And told”Do not continue   this relation of yours.”

Without   objecting ,   with a bent  head , I said “ yes “,
Because that gent   likes me a lot   and he said,
“If this relation   of yours continues like this,
I cannot guarantee  any thing, as you  have  become old.”

So Oh Masal Dosa   and his  very close  relative,
Masal Vada, I would   not  like to see again  in this life,
But I assure you  that  definitely   in my next birth ,
After I  am at least seven , I would meet you in some hotel

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